May 23, 2017

Time Bedore - Standing Up

Best of Vague But True Vol 2

The Animal Conspiracy CD

Elephant Crushes Elephant Hunter
KARMATICON, Zimbabwe- While leading clients through a game reserve a big game hunter died after being crushed by an elephant shot by a member of his group. The trouble started when Theunis Botha and his fellow hunters interrupted a herd of breeding elephants, prompting three elephant cows to charge. The 51-year-old South African fired his rifle but a fourth elephant managed to lift him into the air with its trunk. One of Botha's partners then shot the elephant that had picked up Botha who was crushed by the weight of the collapsing pachyderm. The man who fired the fatal shot, who declined to give his name, said of Botha "I told Theunis we should not go out during mating season. Elephants are highly motivated during this time of year and you just don't want to get in between them and getting pregnant. But Theunis wouldn't listen and he ended up between one of them and the ground."
Big Time Croc Eats Big Game Hunter
IRONIA, Zimbabwe- Scott Van Zyl made his living taking wealthy clients on hunting expeditions for leopards, zebras, wildebeests and lions. It now appears the animal world has taken its revenge because DNA tests have confirmed Van Zyl was attacked, killed, and eaten by crocodiles while hunting. Van Zyl, who ran SS Pro Safaris, offered specials for hunters to spend a week or more on his hunting lands which border nature preserves, with the promise of killing up to seven different species for $9,000. Photos of clients holding the bodies of several rare species are posted on Van Zyl’s site, along with the motto “Stop whining, go hunting.” Van Zyl's partner, Ned Van Tugent, put out a statement saying "Scott gave his life to hunting and I am glad when he died it was on one last hunt." It is not known if Van Tugent was referring to Van Zyl being the hunter or the hunted on this last hunt.
Downhill Moose
LUTSEN, Minnesota- The ski business typically depends on when snow arrives, how deep it gets and how long it stays, not on whether a moose attacks your chair lifts and scare off customers. Yet that is exactly the concern at Lutsen Mountains this year. "The snow has been great but we can't keep this moose from trying to get on lift seven," reports Superintendent Klaus Andreissen. Fences, guard dogs, snow making machinery blasts in its direction- nothing has stopped a young moose from exiting the woods and heading for the chair lift it so clearly favors. "I'm almost tempted to snow cat the damn thing up to the top of the mountain to show it there is nothing special up there," said Andreissen.
Career Ends on a Sad Note
SALAMANCA, Spain- Bernardo de Laguinita had been contemplating retirement from bull fighting for a few years but the popular matador couldn't quite pull himself out of the ring. Now, without assistance, he can't pull himself out of a chair. In what was certainly his last bullfight, Laguinita got "a little cocky with an unpredictable bull" and paid the price. "I turned my back on him for a moment and now I'll need diapers for the rest of my life," said the chagrined 42 year old.
"We're Not Alone"
MONTGOMERY, Alabama- Debbie Sheeshman teaches Earth science at Kingfisher Elementary School in Montgomery, Alabama. Every year, like all teachers, she faces new challenges but for the first time ever while delivering a section on North America wildlife a black bear made an appearance outside her class window. The bear's appearance prompted one student to get his teachers attention, point at the bear and whisper to Sheeshman, "They're here." Sheeshman reminded everyone black bears prefer eating berries to students and calmed her kids down but later told parents "I'm describing what bears eat and suddenly there is one right outside the window looking at my kids. Too, weird."
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