August 01, 2014

Best of Vague But True

It's True, I'm not Making That Up

Best of Vague But True Vol 2

The Animal Conspiracy CD

Vinyl Classic Presents Learning To Count With James Mason and The Chipmunks
PAID ADVERTISEMENT Remember the days when Hollywood celebrities took time out from their busy careers to help teach the youth of America? Remember learning grammar with Walter Brennan and Daffy Duck? Remember learning the names of all 50 capitals with Jayne Mansfield and Underdog? Well, now your children can relive those glory days by learning to count with Hollywood Superstar James Mason and the Chipmunks (record player not included). VAGUE BUT TRUE is proud to be sponsored by Vinyl Classics. Please visit their website soon and keep the magic of vinyl alive.
Bad Beaver Still At Large
SOURIS, Prince Edward Island, Canada- Police say a beaver felled a large tree that then fell onto a car traveling on Highway 16. The driver told investigators he saw the tree falling but was unable to avoid it as it crashed onto his vehicle. The couple and their two infant children weren't injured but the Toyota they were in sustained significant damage to the roof, windshield and their summer vacation was severely compromised. Police also report several other nearby trees at the crime scene had been chewed by the beaver and looked ready to topple onto other cars at any time. The Mounties say "the beaver is still at large."
I Screamed "Jesus!"
HILTON HEAD, North Carolina- Summer vacations on the Carolina shore mean swimming and sunning or relaxing and reading the latest page turner but saving your paralyzed with fright toddler from a 12 foot alligator is thankfully not an annual event. "Sadie was just 10 feet from the 'gator when it walked out of the surf," said mother, Erika Ross. "Her jaw dropped, mine dropped... I tried to scream but nothing came out... finally I screamed 'Jesus,' which is odd because we're Jewish," said Ross. Authorities, alerted by life guards, arrived and wrangled, then relocated the alligator before anyone got hurt physically.
PAID ADVERTISEMENT- If witty songs about being overweight make your old gang come to life order the reissue of 'Happy' Fred Emney's classic party record "Roll-y Pole-y Jell-O Roll-y." You'll sing and laugh along to "Eatin' Eclairs and Breaking Chairs" and "She's a Bone Crusher" and many more. Happy Fred Emney is your ticket to fun. Visit and order a copy before your next get-together.
When In New York, Please Visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Medieval Armaments Wing has an exhibit featuring the unique addition Prince Leopold II of Bavaria (1612-78) had built into his battle gear because according to legend the Prince loved fighting for his King so much his excitement could not be contained by typically shaped armor.
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