April 24, 2014

Best of Vague But True

It's True, I'm not Making That Up

Best of Vague But True Vol 2

The Animal Conspiracy CD

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"I Guess That's Why We're Still Amateur Photographers"
BOTSWANA, Africa- Not everyone who goes to Africa on photographic safari hopes to make the transition to professional photographer one day. But most at least hope to be pointing their cameras the right way when the wildlife shows up. "I guess we learned a thing or two," said Sue Wadel, instructor at Fox Valley Technical College. "The next time I take our adult ed. class on a safari I will make sure everyone turns around occasionally."
"I Turned Around And..."
ISLA DE LA GATORAS, Mexico- Vacations and picture taking go hand in hand. Due to underwater housings amateurs can now take high quality holiday photos under the surface as well and according to Robert Rhode of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, "One stop at Best Buy and you think you're Jacques Cousteau. We put on our snorkel gear and flopped off the boat, turn around and I am face to face with a giant mouth of teeth. I didn't even mean to take a picture, I just gripped the housing to use it as a weapon and accidentally hit the shutter. After today, I may do a photographic study of pool drains."
Find Nemo!
COCKBURN TOWN, Turks and Caicos- Zoologists have long debated how much communication there is between animals of the same species and humans. Certainly dogs can follow verbal commands and Koko the talking gorilla from the San Francisco Zoo has a vocabulary of 1000 words. But can you talk to a fish? Richard C. Johnson thinks he can. While scuba diving Johnson met up with a fish during his week long vacation and according to the computer executive “...it just seemed to be talking to me, trying to communicate, mostly through facial expressions but body language, too.” What was this fish trying to tell Johnson? “I am not sure. But I sure didn’t feel like eating fish anymore. At one point Bob, I named him Bob, seemed to be mouthing the words ‘Find Nemo’ but that might be because my daughter had just watched that movie in the hotel.”
Even In Death, Squirrel Causes Fire
HOLLAND TOWNSHIP, Michigan- A woman, Barbara Pellow, faces a $2 million lawsuit after her boyfriend started a massive fire after attempted to cook a squirrel with a blowtorch. Khek Chanthalavong told investigators the blaze started after he burned the fur off a squirrel he'd captured. Once the fur was removed, he placed the torch in the corner of their deck, then went inside to saute the rodent. Pellow awoke to Chanthalavong yelling and throwing water on flames that were quickly growing on the deck. The fire spread and caused major damage to 32 units in the couple's building. Pellow told investigators "Khek comes from a place... well, when they see something you can eat they get it and cook it with whatever they have around. That squirrel came up on the deck, Khek caught it, and the blow torch was sitting there... now were being sued."
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