March 29, 2015

Best of Vague But True

It's True, I'm not Making That Up

Best of Vague But True Vol 2

The Animal Conspiracy CD

Tai Chi Instructor Strangles Rabid Raccoon
RICHMOND, Virginia- Cas Overton, 75, can claim an accomplishment few can-she killed a rabid raccoon with her bare hands. Overton was bird watching at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, where she volunteers, and suddenly felt her left leg punctured by the raccoon. Overton figured she could throw the raccoon off but feared it would chase and “shred” her. So Overton, who meditates and has taught Tai Chi for 40 years, pinned the raccoon to the ground and strangled it for five minutes. “What saved me was meditation, the mental acuity and focus to know I had to stay with it and do the deadly thing.” Overton added, "I am an animal lover and a Buddhist but it had to be done, and it sure helped to know some Tai Chi.”
If someone was a movie star, night club singer and the wife of a Mafia hit man what are the odds that she would leave that darkness and become one of America's leading gospel singing ventriloquists? Whatever the odds were, God Almighty bet on Beverly Massegee and we all won big time! Hear what God listens to by ordering your copy of AMEN. Do you think it's impossible for a ventriloquist to do a duet with a puppet? Hear a real miracle- Erik the puppet and Beverly singing your favorite gospel classics in the most divine harmony possible. Order AMEN today from Vinyl Classics.
Friend or Foe?
MIGHTY MEADOW, Wyoming- Nature photographer Ace Youngman has been out shooting grizzlies in their habitat for so long he had gotten too nonchalant about their true nature. "For the past year or so when this one youngster would see me, even from a great distance, he'd stand and face me and wave. Over time I kind of thought... well, that he liked me. After 12 months of a friendly wave whenever I was around I got in closer to get a better shot. Damn thing came after me like lunch was ready. I made it to my truck just in time."
Weasel Can Fly
LONDON, England- Photographer Myron Le-May was at the right spot at the right time to catch a once in a lifetime image-a weasel flying on the back of a woodpecker. "I saw the weasel go after the woodpecker, I'm assuming for lunch, and instead of getting a death grip on the bird, the weasel went for a ride." After landing the woodpecker wriggled away from the weasel and both went off in separate directions. Although, one bystander had a different take on things. "Maybe woodpeckers and larger birds are willing to fly other animals around for a price. Other species live amongst humans, maybe they are learning how to do business from us," said cart vendor Wilton Abel-White who witnessed the flight of the weasel.
Dog Sized Rabbits Invade Fargo
FARGO, North Dakota- Fargo has been invaded by a flock of dog-sized jackrabbits, and residents have been left scratching their heads regarding how to make them leave. When the giant jackrabbits first arrived, many residents thought they were a cute addition to their neighborhood. However, the small dog sized jackrabbits soon began leaving behind a path of destruction by devouring shrubs and grasses and leaving droppings everywhere. Kayla Straabe, said that there are between 40 to 50 in her yard everyday. "Initially I thought they were really cute but now they’re becoming a big nuisance.” Her neighbor, Tom Bauman, has a solution. "I am trying to house train a coyote."
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