April 23, 2017

Time Bedore - Standing Up

Best of Vague But True Vol 2

The Animal Conspiracy CD

Beaver is Leader of Cows
SASKATCHEWAN, Canada- A beaver who herded 150 cattle across a farm in Canada last week has become an online sensation. “This is how we move 150 heifers in Canada.” wrote rancher Adrienne Ivey, who filmed the encounter, and whose Facebook post has attracted over 100,000 views. “Now, I just need a better trained beaver.” The video shows the cows carefully following the beaver. When the rodent moves, they move with it. And when it stops, they stop too ― then gathering around. “We're not sure what is going on but as long as the beaver doesn't lead my cattle off the property or try to get them to live in its dam I guess I am OK with it," said Ivey.
"He's Stalking Us'
NEW HOPE, Arkansas- Biologists understand much of what happens in the animal world but the recent behavior of a black bear has left everyone stumped. The Kenter Canyon Elementary school has been visited by a female black bear every school day for the last three weeks. All the bear does is walk up to the playground fence, stand up and stare through the windows at the kids in their classrooms. "She just stands and looks in at the kids. It's sweet," said Principal Jeanine Hansen. Others are not so sanguine in their assessment. "I'm pretty sure that bear's cubs were hit by a car and now she wants to take out some of ours," countered Cooter Jackson, who lives near the school grounds.
"There Goes Boots"
BONNEVILLE, Illinois- Tragedy struck Doris Saddler over the weekend. The senior citizen let her puppy, Boots, off the leash for the first time and within seconds an eagle swopped in, snatched her dog and flew off. Her son, Ken, promised his mother he would get her a new puppy and added he will make sure if it happens again his four year old daughter, Kendra, won't smile and say "There goes Boots," like she did the first time. "You couldn't be mad at her but, it didn't make things better."
"What if the Monkeys Escape and Take Over The Tank Museum"
BREMERHAVEN, England- It's not the kind of thing most people worry about but Christian Lynne-Severson posed this question to his local town council- What if the primates in Monkey World escape and take over the tanks at the nearby Tank Museum? Lynee-Severson wants reassurance from both museum's directors they take the issue seriously. Tank Museum spokesman Darby Denton told one reporter "Mr. Lynne-Severson may or may not be truly worried about all this but rest assured while we do have operational tanks we have no bullets or shells anywhere on the property. So, unless the monkeys find their own ordinance, not to worry."
Selfie Self Destruction
BNGBONG, Thailand- A French tourist was bitten by a crocodile after posing next to the enormous reptile in a misguided attempt to take a selfie. The 41-year-old woman was exploring Thailand’s Khao Yai National Park with her husband when they came across the giant reptile. The couple squatted next to the crocodile, who, once given the not much effort required opportunity, sank its teeth into the woman’s thigh right as the picture was taken. Her condition remains unknown. The crocodile remains at large. Park Communications Director, Dang Phong, reports the park is having more direct warning signs printed up. "It's just not enough to tell people the animals are dangerous. We literally have to hammer home to people it's stupid to die taking a selfie with a man eating animal. If the woman who was bitten will give us the picture, we'll put that on the sign, too."
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