January 19, 2018
I Found the Answer to World Peace in Las Vegas
How many lives, how much time, energy and money could be saved if there was peace in the Middle East? Enough so that it might be time to try something crazy. Because when the diplomats fail, when logic and reason and all else fails, it's time to send in the comedians.

Before it first opened the Holy Land was just like Las Vegas, nothing but a useless patch of desert until someone had a dream, a vision that started out small, overtime got popular and eventually became a sacred and/or popular tourist destination. The Holy Land is so important to the Muslims and Jews that they go to war over who gets to stand next to a pile of old rocks and who doesn't.

So, I'm saying the guys that built the Venetian, and the Parisian and New York, New York in Vegas should go over to the Middle East and build a new Wailing Wall. A new Temple Mount. The Arabs would give up use of an old religious site to the Israelis in exchange for a new one and vice versa. Just like those hotels in Las Vegas the replica sites would be so realistic the only way to tell the difference between the old religious site and the new one would be the new one has a 99 cent breakfast buffet and slot machines. Because these Vegas guys don't build anything for free. So, it's going to be the New Wailing Wall and Casino.

Perhaps initially the new religious sites wouldn't have the same spiritual impact of the old ones but the old ones don't have prime rib for a dollar-ninety-nine, all you can eat. You combine dollar-ninety-nine prime rib, some free drinks, gambling and religion in one spot and watch the tour buses and the tourist dollars come roaring in.

And the beauty part is the only price of peace is that every now and again they have to let Wayne Newton sing. That's it.

The Wailing Wall and Casino is the solution. In the new Jewish religious sites instead of two cherries and a lemon signifying you lost, you'd get two Abrahams and a Noah. Envision the slot machines and then you can envision world peace.

Right now this sounds like an absurd, even bizarre notion. But if Colin Powell, in all seriousness presented The Wailing Wall and Casino proposal as the best solution America can come up with it just might force the Arabs and Israelis to think, "Maybe we've gone too far. If serious people are coming up with Las Vegas style religious sites, maybe we have to think outside the box a little bit."

And if they don't see the absurdity of their situation and stop the fighting then we should actually build these places. The Middle East might get peace and prosperity due to separation of the warring parties and increased tourist dollars. I await my Nobel Prize and when in the Middle East I expect my meals and room, comp-ed.

Once Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple but in the name of peace it's time for the money changers to take it back.