February 18, 2018

Over the past 30 years Tim Bedore has spent thousands of hours entertaining audiences on the radio and as a stand up comedian in comedy clubs and theaters across the country. Coming from a broadcasting background Tim knows the rigors of working within demanding parameters.

Tim has kept his hand in the radio business through his commentary feature Vague But True®, heard on public radio's prestigious Marketplace program and in a weekly slot on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Radio Show. Producing these radio commentaries keeps Tim's stand-up comedy material fresh and topical.

Unlike many comedians whose material is only appropriate for night-clubs, Tim's humor reaches a wide variety of audiences including charity and corporate events as an entertainer and host. Tim's broadcast ready comedy accounts for his 14 national TV appearances on NBC, FOX, HBO, Comedy Central and Showtime.

Tim Bedore is a stand-up comedian whose unique background and point of view has produced a very professional entertainer who knows how to cut across the boundaries of individual attitudes and get an audience to enjoy his way of looking at the world.


Born - Chicago, Illinois

Raised - yes

Where - Stevens Point and Appleton, Wisconsin

Married - to Karen

Children - Claire.

Advice for Anyone in a Bar Fight - run, with pride

World view - sees the glass as half-full, but of the wrong thing

Proudest Achievement - an unassisted triple play in Little League

Education - Catholic Schools until they gave up, then public through college. Degree in Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point(not as rinky-dink as it sounds)

Trivial Experience - Chairman of the world's largest trivia contest (WWSP-FM Stevens Point, WI) 1977 and 1978.

Odd Talent - mildly ambidextrous, can pick up objects with toes

Personality Type - goes to the edge and folds it neatly

Golf Handicap - 7.8 (March 1998)(but this comes from wide-open public courses so...)

Plastic versus Paper? - plastic, less demands on environment

Biggest Regret - not investing in mutual funds in the '80's

Thing Most Like to Change About Self - more hair, stop being Cub fan

Thing Like Most About Self - won't do anything radical about hair loss, still Cub fan

Best Described As - optimistic cynic



Tim Bedore was born in a nice Catholic hospital on Chicago's near north side and then promptly left for northern Wisconsin.

Asked to leave the Catholic School system after seven and a-half years(changed "Dominos Nabiscum" to "Oreos from Nabisco" during High Mass) Tim finished college with a cum laude B.S. in Communication (in just four years). More than just watching films and drinking beer, Tim actually learned something about the transference of complex thoughts and ideas.

Nonetheless he ended up in radio and spent years using the airwaves to mis-inform, mis-guide and mis-advise the youth of America. "From the Mayo clinic this just in, the liver transplant operation for young Amy Tannebaum has not gone well, turns out they put in a veal cutlet by mistake. According to doctors it was a prank donor". "Winnie the Pooh was shot and killed gangland style outside of Disneyland today. We'll have cartoons before the film at eleven".

Some of the features Tim entertained the great unwashed with included "Words are Fun", "The Bible According to Tim", "The Big Genital Nickname Report(big modifies report), "The Hitler Diaries" and "Mother's Little Helper" in which he advised harried young mothers to play the game 'Shut up and play dead' when their kids were forced to stay inside on a rainy day. This is a game where the kids are campers in Yellowstone National Park and Mommy is a hungry grizzly bear that wandered into their camp. If anyone flinches a muscle, Mommy goes for the throat. Now a headlining comedian at top clubs across the country, Tim ponders the status quo, "I'm not saying adultery is a good thing, but don't you want a happy President"? "They said that Jeffrey Dahmer was sane. Let's review. You walk into a bar...buy someone a couple of drinks...take them home and eat them. If that's not insane, what is it...mean spirited? Really Hungry"? "Why do they put handicap parking at Roller Rinks"?


NBC-Friday Night

FOX-Comic Strip Live

Showtime-On the Road

Comedy Central-Short Attention Span Theatre

Comedy Central-Two Drink Minimum

Comedy Central-Women Aloud

HBO-Stand Up/Stand Up Caroline's Comedy Hour

A/E- "Evening at the Improv"


Improv-San Francisco
Improv-San Diego
Igby's-Los Angeles
Comedy/Magic-Los Angeles
Punchline-San Francisco
Punchline-Walnut Creek
Cobb's-San Francisco
Comedy Castle-Detroit
Wit's End-Denver
George McKelvey's-Denver
Stanford and Sons-Kansas City
Comedy Gallery-Minneapolis
Acme- Minneapolis
Wolfgang's-San Francisco
Old Waldorf-San Francisco
Boarding House-San Francisco
Holy City Zoo-San Francisco
Rooster T. Feather's-Sunnyvale
Laugh's Unlimited-Sacramento
Comedy Works-Denver
Comedy Connection-Indianapolis
Comedy Underground-Seattle
Comedy Underground-Spokane