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September 18, 1996

Dear Tim,

Thanks again for your great work at our Owners' Day event. It's always a relief to know that you are coming and will provide the glue (and the laughs!) between the program's various segments.

You have a great way of putting our nervous, rather non-spontaneous executives at ease. Our CEO and patent attorney both felt very good after their "performances" and received lots of compliments. Your coaching the day before and playing the straightman, allowing them to get some laughs, really helps them feel confident and provides great entertainment for the employee audience. And you and the CEO did a great job with the Disney trip drawings -- even Ken is learning how to "punt" a little!

Employees were excited to hear that you were coming back to do our program again this year -- we know they weren't disappointed. It's that extra bit of professionalism that you bring (besides the laughs) that has helped us evolve this event from a home-grown, sometimes schlocky(!) program to an afternoon of information and entertainment that employees reaJly enjoy.

Thanks again for all that you contribute to making our event so successful.
Mary Woitte      Melinda Arvold

P.S. We still haven't decided if we will forgive you for not forewarning us about our "consoiladation" typo. But it did turn out to be a boo-boo that made for a pretty good funny!
See a scanned image of the actual letter.

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