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November 11, 1987

Dear Tim:

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that you played a critical role In
our successful Fall Management Conference last week, and to say thank you for
a very professional and entertaining show.

From the moment we introduced you as Dr. William Johnson, renowned economist. you had everyone's interest, and from then on..., well, let's just say that I've never seen our senior managers laugh so hard. I was most Impressed with the way you customized your material to fit the subject matter, and carried off the role of Dr. Johnson (did you ever study Economics?). Besides being very funny you are an excellent speaker.

It's always a challenge to take 150 people off-site for a couple of days and not bore them to tears, overburden them with information, and/or burn them out. Your presentation made that challenge alot easier for us.

Thank again "Dr. Johnson" for helping to make our Management Conference a success. Yours was an Economics lesson we won't soon forget.

Si ncerely,

Alan R. Meeker
Assistant Vice President
Banking Group Marketing

See a scanned image of the actual letter.

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