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Compaq Computer Corporation

Professional Services Division

10400 Tantau Ave.

Cupertino, CA 95014

December 15, 1999

Mr. Tim Bedore

Dear Tim:

I wanted to take a moment to again thank you for the outstanding job you did entertaining at our recent company function. It is always a challenge to find tasteful, memorable entertainment for such an event, especially when dealing with business partners and customers as diverse as ours. Your performance hit the bulls-eye for us, and not only broke the ice, but really helped get the evening moving. People were reciting punch lines and playing characters from your bits all night!

Tim, I am sure it must be hard to be consistently funny for such a gathering, especially in a venue like an outdoor hotel bar. I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to get to know the audience and that you tied them into the material. It really left the impression on our partners that we have a sense of humor, but we are serious about their business. This kind of team building is hard to do when just starting a business partnership, and extremely valuable to nurturing it in the long term.

Thanks again, Tim for a job well done, and for leaving us all laughing. I look forward to having you back for future engagements.

Best Regards,

Leslie E. Martin

Regional Consulting Manager

See a scanned image of the actual letter.

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