January 21, 2018

Time Bedore - Standing Up

Best of Vague But True Vol 2

The Animal Conspiracy CD

Bear Takes A Seat
MOOSE HEAD BEND, Alaska- The Alaska DNR teams get out of the office and into the wild on a regular basis. Field surveys are a big part of their work. That's why Agent Fran Birenkott heads to a bluff above the Kitch River, sets up her chair and tripod and counts wildlife. Recently, Birenkott didn't need her binoculars to count one bear because it sauntered up and sat down right next to her chair. "I just got up slowly and walked away. I stretched a little bit, waited and then started getting pissed because I lost my seat. It was like being a kid again and saving your place on the couch when you go pee but your older brother won't give it up when you come back. But I didn't fight about it this time."
Pontiac Couple's Dodge and Chevy...
PONTIAC, Illinois- Carrie Barr and her husband live in a wooded area and they see deer all the time. Lately, they have been seeing deer way too close. As in, in their cars. First, Carrie was hit by a doe, causing over $7000 damage. Then her husband's car was hit by a buck, causing nearly $6000 in damage. Was this buck seeking revenge for the Barr's having caused the death of his wife?
VINYL CLASSICS is thrilled to reintroduce America to Elna Fredhoy and Rigmor Odum, the Swedish duo that brought the accordion and polka beat to gospel music. Vinyl Classics President Rick Rattler told the press "The lesbian gospel market is under served so we thought we'd take a shot at this." With titles like “We believe in victory”, “Because He soon comes”, “I want more power” and “Your soul that wanders upon soothing path,” you'll be glad you welcomed Elna and Rigmor home for the holidays.
Man Pets Shark, Wins Bet
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa- Dale Ischer is $1600 richer after petting a great white shark. Ischer's fishing buddy Seth Boer noticed the giant shark circling his boat and told Ischer he would give him everything he earned off his charter fishing business that weekend if Ischer would pet the great white shark. Within moments the massive shark was bobbing it's head alongside the boat and Ischer was petting it as if the fish was a lap dog. "It's like the two of them were setting me up. I make the bet and the next thing I see is a man eating shark begging for a nose scratch. I just can't believe it."
"Dinesh, Is That You?'
BANGALOR, India- A distraught mother who believed her son Dinesh had been eaten by a python screamed into the snake's mouth and torso for some sign from Dinesh that he was inside. When she heard no reply officials started to take the snake away but Aloki Rappindi begged them to stop and bear hugged the python while demanding it and her son be cremated after anointment with oil. Police didn't know how to proceed until Dinesh Rappindi walked up and asked him mom why she was bear hugging a python. The Rappindis went home and the snake, that had eaten a small calf, was released into the jungle.
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