April 27, 2015

Best of Vague But True

It's True, I'm not Making That Up

Best of Vague But True Vol 2

The Animal Conspiracy CD

Rocky Seeks Dr. Bullwinkle
RAHWAY, New Jersey- A flying squirrel invaded the emergency room at New Jersey's Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. Now an ordinary squirrel might just hide in a corner, then dash for the nearest exit. But this gifted flying rodent repeatedly launched itself from an 8-foot-high wall-mounted lamp, in order to avoid firefighters from the Rahway Fire Department."It would jump off and glide," said Capt. Ted Padavano. "It looked like a hell bent little square fuzzy glider." Even stranger, this was the second time in two weeks that a flying squirrel had taken over the hospital's 15-by-15-foot trauma room. Padavana is already anticipating a return visit from the small, airborne creatures, speculating that they may be a nest inside the hospital. "Either that, or there is a doctor here named Bullwinkle," he said.
Deer Plays Dead, Almost Takes Out Human
FERGUS FALLS, Minnesota- A Fergus Falls man is a little stiff and sore, but thankful to be alive after a buck charged and threw him to the ground during a hunt near his farm. Don Stock and the rest of the hunting party stumbled upon what he thought was a dead deer. That is until "He charged me. I don't know why he chose me. I don't even know what happened, it happened so quick. He knocked me up in the air. But we got him before he could do anymore damage. Let me tell you that was some close quarters shooting." Don says he's had enough hunting for the fall.
Elk Occupy Highway
BANFF, Canada- It may start with just a small group but it can end up as a movement. That's the approach a herd of elk may have taken in western Canada. They want their own freeway crossing and will camp out on their favorite overpass indefinitely until they get what they want. Or, until they get hungry, according to biologist Dudley Dubois. "I don't know why they chose that spot to occupy but once they realize there is nothing to eat out there they will move on." In the mean time drivers are urged to avoid the area and take alternate routes as the elk occupy that stretch of road.
The Christian Athletes Fellowship Reminds You That Nobody Can Stop The Love of Jesus
Badgers Invade, Cat Watches
GRAND ISLAND, Nebraska- Seeing wildlife in the backyard is a common enough experience around here but to have an infestation of badgers is unique and a little frightening. Scott and Debbie Scoular let their cat out last week and when they heard some strange noise coming from their pet they turned on the backyard lights to see their beloved Mister Friskers surrounded by a herd of badgers. "Friskers just sat there and watched 'em. I thought for sure he was badger-chow but they came, then went, and we have no idea what they were up to or why they were here. But we sure don't go out there at night anymore," said the nervous couple.
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