January 19, 2018
Computer advice and the Donner Party
Throughout history major disasters could have been avoided if people had just been honest and said "I can't help you" when asked for directions. That's how the Donner Party got into trouble. The Donner Party stopped and asked an old guy in Kansas or Missouri how to get to California and he said, "When you get to that big tree... just keep going... and you'll get to California and have a cup of joe and say 'Hi' to my mother." The Donner party gets a mile away before the old guy realizes he meant to say, "You'll get stuck in the snow and have to eat one another." The poor Donner Party gets bad directions from one old coot and they ending up having to barbecue the family instead of having a family barbecue.

What's my point? One day last week, I crashed my computer after getting nothing but bad advice. I was on the phone, following the supposed expert's advice and a window came up that said "STOP NOW or lose all your data and your mind... we're not kidding." And under that warning there were three option boxes. The first said , "Proceed Anyway you big idiot", the second option said "SHUT DOWN computer and take a nap" and a third option said "Buy a typewriter." And the expert on the phone says, "'Hit Proceed anyway you big idiot.' I know a short cut."

So like an idiot, I hit "Proceed Anyway" and the screen flashes the words "Donner Party" and starts to eat itself and then the expert says, "Well, then I guess I don't know how to fix it. Hmmm...interesting. Well, good luck." CLICK.

We consumers should revolt and not buy anymore computers until they work like toaster ovens, which is everyday, all the time.