January 19, 2018
Tim's Democracy
Ever wonder what you would do if you were President? Would you try to raise taxes? Lower taxes? Star Wars? If I was President, Stars Wars would remain a movie.

But what do I know? If I was as smart as the people running the country I'd be running the country. So I must not be that smart. Or, am I? Are you? You might be thinking- Tim, the average citizen isn't qualified to lead the country. Really? Can the average citizen balance their checkbook? Most do. Would the average citizen pay $640 for a toilet seat or subsidize tobacco farmers while trying to convince people not to smoke? I think not.

Does the average citizen think we need leaders who would spend the average citizen's money responsibly, someone like, oh let's say, an average citizen?

If you do then support my plan. I call it Tim's Democracy. We cancel all elections for Congress. No more voting. We pick our Congress just like jury duty. You open the phone book, start calling people, take what you get. If you don't have a good excuse you have to be a senator for a month.

No more campaigns, no lobbyists, no undue influence. Tim's Democracy would work because we're a lot smarter and our politicians are a lot dumber than we think. Sure, with Timian Democracy you might end up with some perverts, schnooks, deadbeats, dodo's, nincompoops, pin heads, numb nuts, lame brains, Bozo's and button-down neer-do-wells in Congress. But that's what we've got in there now and we can't get rid of them. With my plan if you get an idiot for a congressman, they're done in a month and then you call someone else.

Sure, a pharmacist who became a Senator for a month might vote to invade Canada because they have cheaper prescription drugs or a frazzled parent may want abortion rights retroactive to the age of five or a pro-gun guy might want his own howitzer to scare kids out of his yard but most of the people in the people's Congress will be sane and say, No, and here's the beauty part- all these senators would have to go back home in a month and face their neighbors who have to live with the laws and tax cuts that produce the lousy schools and roads and whatever else that they voted in. And that's when Timian Democracy get's interesting.