January 18, 2018
Bush is Funny
On June 22nd I sold some stock. The stock was from a company, whose Board of Directors, I am a member of. And on June 30th our company announced that we just stink on ice, that our losses are 8 times worse than last year, and it won't be long before we get our hand basket out and slide right down to stinky town. And of course after that June 30th announcement our stock lost 40% of its value and I, a board member, made a whole lot more money selling my stock on the 22nd than I would have after the 30th. So my question is, why is Ken Starr not looking into my life?

And the answer is because I am the Republican President of the United States. Hee hee, yippee for me. The preceding description of my stock sale is fictitious, but just might be what our President did in this Harkin deal. For some reason, the media isn't focusing much on the insider trading aspect of this thing- they are asking why the President didn't file the right form, or if the Harkin lawyers should have filed the form, on what date, blah, blah... Hey, stop! What about the insider trading thing? If Bush was on the board, an officer of the company, on the 22nd and sold stock before a June 30th announcement that they were going into the tank, it's either insider trading or he's the most uninformed, out of touch board member of all time. And I think we need to know.

I am not suggesting the Senate Democrats actually call for the President be investigated, that would be old style politics. But the press should hammer away until the President has to respond. If he says "Well, if it looks like insider trading, smells like insider trading, feels like insider trading, I guess I must be an inside trader," then we'll know he's shed his corporate pupa skin and grown into the President of all the people. And that is a good thing to know or not know.

But the President isn't being questioned because he's the President, and a likable one at that. And it certainly didn't hurt that when the SEC initially looked into his stock deal his Dad was the President.

But obviously something stinks in corporate America and it is important to know if the President has a nose that can recognize that smell.