January 19, 2018
Coming to a theater near you-- Bat Boy Saves the World!
The most creative newspaper in the universe, the Weekly World News, employing their own unique form of journalism, recently reported that Bat Boy, the boy who is half-human/half-bat, escaped from his hospital room in Chicago to help in America's fight against terrorism.

For some reason, Bat-Boy is not the big story here in Los Angeles, although many of us wish him well, but the big story out here is what kind of entertainment the American public will flock to in the years to come and what will they turn their backs on?

Not knowing the answer to that question has lots of people in Hollywood crawling the walls like, well... Bat Boys and Bat Girls. How happy would your stockholders be if the only movies your studio had for the Fall/Christmas season featured terrorists, Martians attacking the White House and serial killers, when what the public wants is a romantic comedy where love triumphs in the end or a space movie where world peace starts in a far away galaxy or a wacky farce where the mind of the 8 year old son trades places with the 35 year old Dad. Actually I can't imagine any time period when that one would have worked but...

This, indeed, is a tricky time for Hollywood yet the last time the world stood face to face with pure evil, World War 2, the U.S. entertainment industry turned out some of the best movies and music in its history. So we have reason to be very optimistic.

Certainly, not everything we see and hear will be good. Tragic events like Sept. 11th bring out the best, the worst and the inexplicable in people, and because the entertainment industry, for the most part is run by people, Hollywood will produce product from that wide range of human potential. We will see inspiring movies, we will read unique stories about a half bat/half boy using fear, rabies and radar to subdue the forces of evil and we will see commercials showing Martha Stewart naked in a bathtub--the best, the worst and the inexplicable.

But minus Michael Jackson recording another All-Star sing-a-long, I believe, for the most part, Hollywood is going to do great things. And even if the American Media doesn't rise to the occasion you still gotta' love it that some writer, somewhere came up with the idea that Bat-Boy is hanging on the wall of a cave in Afghanistan waiting for you know-who to fall asleep. In Los Angels, I'm Tim Bedore for Marketplace.