January 19, 2018
American Wings Take Dream
I think during presidential elections every major T.V. network and cable outfit should be required to have a CPA or somebody who actually knows something on hand to act as a truth barometer. And when the campaign ads and talking head surrogates start yappin' the Truth Barometer can hit a buzzer and drowned out what they are saying until the talking head or candidate or ad gets somewhere close to reality.

As any reasonable person who can operate a radio, which includes you, knows there aren't vegetarians working at the butcher shop and campaign advertising is iffy truth-wise. But now the T.V. news programs are just as iffy they bring in someone wearing a suit from the right and someone wearing a suit from the left and they each say the other guy is lying and the moderator says that's all the time we have and we are no closer to knowing anything more than we knew before.

This much I have been able to figure out Al Gore couldn't be more stiff if he was hiding a redwood up his environmentally sensitive area. And when George Bush said "Families is where American wings take dream," he is not someone who should have passed English. (I also suspect the Reagan administration tried to do away with the Department of Education to get us ready for the Bush family.)

But what I am certain of is that there are too many important issues at stake for we the people to be getting so little usable, real information to take into the voting booth. For example, are we dumb or what? Is our schools doing the job? Our public education system are the most important research and development project this nation got. Before you vote I think it really important to know how dumb we is.

And the policy question isn't just if we're spending too little money on education. Do we have a dumb pop culture? I think that Horse with No Name song by America was the turning point. Our teachers were trying to get us to diagram sentences while the biggest song on the radio had the lyric "In the desert you can't remember your name cuz' there ain't no one for to give you no pain." When an entire generation of Americans heard that song go to number one and make millions for the guy who wrote it, I think we gave up caring about education and said to our teachers "You can take your dangling participle and shove it cuz' it don't care where my American wings take dream."

Now you may be saying, 'Hey, Tim! What you just said doesn't mean anything, it started off O.K. but then got sidetracked with a quote from a goof-ball song and in the end, it was an uninformative waste of time.' Well, then I guess I'm ready for television.