January 18, 2018
Heroin and Bellbottoms
Isn't it amazing that the majority of the American people don't want a tax cut?

It's astounding, " we don't want money when politicians are willing to give it to us. This must be a singular moment in U.S. history. The American people are saying "Chocolate cake? Mmmmm.... Thank you, but no. Why don't you wrap the cake up and save it for when we really need it."

And as of yet I haven't heard a good explanation for why we're saying "no." I am sure some people think it's that our economy is so strong the middle class doesn't need the money. Are you kidding? Everybody out there who has too much money raise your hand... Unless you are driving, otherwise, raise your hands. See, not that many of you.

Of course people still love moneya[euro]" look at the popular T.V. shows, be a millionaire, marry a millionaire, walk around nude to be a millionaire; we want someone to give us money but not the government.

What happened? There are people who theorize that over the last eight years the government put subliminal messages into T.V. broadcasts and we the people are now hypnotized. People that think that are called Republicans... who must be so frustrated because tax cuts were the sure-fire red meat they could always throw to the masses. But something has changed since the 80's when all we wanted from the government was raw beef and lots of it.

I think you can narrow it down to two things. Drugs and children. As a group baby-boomers stopped doing one and started doing the other. Or our kids started doing drugs and so now we want more cops and better schools and all that takes more money and so you can keep the tax cut and the surplus and get a cop down here quick and some more teachers and clean up the air while you're at it- my kids are breathin' this stuff.

What a turn-around that would be if us baby boomers catch up to our parents generation and do something as smart as invest in the future, especially after decades earlier having shown so much interest in bell bottoms and heroin.