January 19, 2018
Have you ever been to a freak show?
It struck me as odd but a couple years ago at the Minnesota State Fair, right there on the midway, was a big sign that said "Welcome to the freak show."

This exhibition of human wonderment and oddities was set up so from the midway you couldn't see the amazing 3-headed 2-inch tall woman but you could see the faces of the people who paid to shuffle past the amazing 3-headed 2-inch tall woman. This being the Mid-West, the good hearted patrons did not callously laugh at or cruelly mock the amazing 3-headed 2-inch tall woman but instead tried to engage her in pleasant conversation. I even heard someone say "Are you enjoying Minnesota? You know, many of our ten thousands lakes are quite shallow." Alright, I made that part up.

What reminded me of that midway freak show was this Survivor show on CBS. What kind of people would eat a rat on national T.V.? If you answered "freaks" you move on to the lightening round.

If you don't know the rules, to win Survivor's million dollar prize you have to leave your family and friends, if you have any, for 6 weeks and live on this deserted island with a bunch of strangers. In all probability you will then, on national television, get voted off the island for having committed the sin of being yourself. Which to me is a freaky thing to choose to do with 6 weeks of your life. So to me, that means Survivor is Emotional Circus Geeks at a really bad Club Med. I mean, how dumb are you going to feel if you eat a rat on coast-to-coast television and come home with nothing but a bad sunburn?

In a short span of time American T.V. has gone from offering a million dollars for answering trivia questions to daring someone to eat a barbecued rodent. The next logical step is a show called Donner Party Challenge- Who has the Will To Live?

You can't blame CBS. Survivor is a ratings bonanza because more Americans would rather watch a woman in a bikini eat a rat than tell Regis Philbin who is buried in Grant's tomb.

What's my point "you can learn a lot about the current stock market by watching Survivor" seemingly normal people will do very odd things when there are very longs odds they can make a lot of money.