January 18, 2018
Mini Golf for the Pro's
Did you know there are men in America playing miniature golf for money?

I don't mean guys hanging out at fun-land betting on who can smack one through the dragons mouth on the first shot.

I mean there is a professional miniature golf tour and they show it on cable T.V. And to that, I say, God Bless this great country of ours. And when I say God Bless I don't mean to offend anyone who doesn't believe in God... for you I say, Evolution honors this great country of ours. Or, Darwin loves America best!

Anyway, with all these 24 hour sports channels there has to be something to fill up all that air-time and thus professional miniature golf. Now, I'm not an economist and I don't play one on the radio but professional miniature golfer is not the kind of job that exists in a weak economy. People only get paid to triple bogie the windmill when money is flowing like water.

The existence of a professional miniature golf tour means our economy is on fire but coupled with unemployment at a 30 year low and consumer spending on the rise these generally positive things can join forces to become bad news for the stock market.

It's like a FOX T.V. special When Good News Goes Bad. Tonight, on FOX!! (Dramatic FOX guy voice)

Now, I know there are real reasons for low unemployment being bad news for stocks but I also know today's stock market is not all nuts and bolts there is a lot of emotion and hysteria and certainly as far as the dot.com stocks are concerned, just a lot of a wing and a prayer involved. And when I say wing and a prayer I don't mean to offend those who don't pray. For you... let's say there is a wing and a hope.

But if there is a lot of blind emotion in the market why don't we just agree that we shouldn't panic and bail out of stocks no matter how good the good economic news gets? Who could that hurt?

I'm saying let's not blow this good thing we've got going because of this good thing we've got going. If we, against all common sense, decide that lots of people having jobs and spending money is a good thing and defy tradition and keep our money in the stock market our economy will continue it's amazing growth and one day the professional miniature golf tour will be able to afford caddies... which they didn't have when I saw them on T.V. Because in an economy like ours no self-respecting professional miniature golfer should suffer the indignity of carrying his own putter.