January 19, 2018
Little and Grand Chute and Monica Lewinsky
The owner of a Jenny Craig diet franchise in my hometown of Appleton, Wisconsin does not want to run their Monica Lewinsky T.V. commercials.

David Lahey, who owns a Jenny Craig diet franchise in Grand Chute, Wisconsin, which is considered to be part of the Appleton-metro area, has said he does not want to perpetuate the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal by running the new Jenny Craig T.V. ads with Lewisnky as spokesperson. And having grown up in Appleton I am not surprised.

I certainly can't speak for everyone in Appleton or Grand Chute or for that matter Little Chute, which is right next to Grand Chute and coincidentally, all you need to know about dieting, don't eat an amount of food that could pass through a Grand Chute. Stick to amounts that fit through a Little Chute.

But anyway, the people of the Appleton metro area, which includes Kaukauna, Kimberly, Neenah and Menasha, the two Chutes and Hortonville... are in my mind, the salt of America's earth. They are the kind of people would never dream of asking you how much money you made or what your house is worth and so I am not surprised Mr. Lahey doesn't think the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal was any of our business.

I am also not surprised the hard working people of the Fox River Valley, which encompasses the Appleton Metro as well as the Green Bay metro area 30 miles to the north, but not Oshkosh, which is on Lake Winnebago 18 miles to the south, don't want to see people like Monica Lewinsky get fat, in a financial sense, from screwing up. Literally or figuratively.

One customer at the Jenny Craig clinic in Grand Chute who is a public school teacher and knows a few things about how we shape our kids thinking, said, even though she has personally done very well with the dieting program, she will quit if Jenny Craig keeps using Monica Lewinsky, a bad role model for our kids, as their spokesperson.

Which is a pretty patriotic, self-less attitude because, and I don't mean to offend, but the good people of the Appleton metro area could use a little dieting. What with all the cheese and the bratwurst and beer they consume it's no small wonder bib overalls were invented right there in Oshkosh, 'cuz those are not lo-cal foods.

What's my point? Just that our economy and our culture are tied together. Where you spend your money becomes part of who we are. And for some reason I wanted to say Hortonville on a national broadcast.