January 18, 2018
Professional Wrestling
I was reading an article on professional wrestling the other day and I was shocked to find out... it's fixed!!! Can you believe it?

Actually, I was shocked to find out professional wrestling is such a huge business. The World Wrestling Federation, has taken in over 230 million dollars already this year.

Why do people pay money to see a contest they know the outcome of, in advance? Probably, for the same reason they go see the Spice Girls. They don't care about integrity or content, they just want a big, flashy, fun show you can sing or scream along with.

Anyway, this article said the secret of the success of professional wrestling is the primal appeal of the struggle between Good and Evil. And sex-- the other primal thing mankind has loved throughout the ages. And that's why the W.W.F. T.V. show has a lot of skin and sexual innuendo along with the between good guys and bad guys.

But still... it's fixed. Where is the drama? Why do they bother? Why does Pat Buchanan run for President? Maybe people watch professional wrestling and the primaries for a good scare and to be reassured that, in the end, Good does triumph over Evil

There was a quote in the article that perhaps summed up the appeal of professional wrestling. A young man said "I know it's fixed but at least it's a sport that still has super-heroes."

My fear, though, is if we as a nation don't see the difference between Michael Jordan and the phony heroics of professional wrestling then we are telling industry, as consumers, we don't care about quality. Maybe I'm overreacting but do you remember the cars America made in the 70's? Remember disco and bell-bottoms? Well, two of those three mistake are back.

I hope I'm wrong and the popularity of professional wrestling is not a sign our culture is headed to hell in a speed of light hand basket... Maybe some people just like the certainty of rooting for a winner who always wins and will spend money to see that certainty re-enacted. Other people invest in the stock market. Now that the WWF has gone public some people will be betting on the stock of a sport that's fixed. But if lots of Americans start betting on the outcome of professional wrestling matches, put all your savings in gold bricks and buy a Japanese car because things could get really weird.