January 19, 2018
They want their pie, now!
I am a Chicago Cub fan so I guess I never give up on the nearly impossible and that probably explains why I am still trying to figure out the stock market.

Because of what is happening around the world the Fed reduced a key interest rate by 1/4 of one percent in an effort to keep our economy going strong. As I understand it, because of this interest rate drop consumers will be able to borrow cheaper money and thus spend more. But when the interest rate cut was announced the stock market went down instead of up because the cut wasn't big enough. Well, isn't that selfish?

Let's say you are a child and ask for desert and are given a piece of pie. Do you pout and leave the table if you aren't given the whole pie? Isn't some better than nothing? Isn't better better than not better? If interest rates went down only a little shouldn't the stock market have gone up only a little? Is the amorphous, anonymous "stock market" trying to punish Alan Greenspan for not giving it the whole pie?

And the amorphous, anonymous "experts" they quote in the paper say the market knew Greenspan wasn't going to give a big cut right away, but instead do it in stages. Wisely, Greenspan wants us to digest some spinach and sprouted wheat bread and bean curd before we get the whole pie. We don't want the stock market to crash after a sugar fit and claim the twinkie defense, do we?

It is just my observation that the stock market rises and falls due to the craziest things. Alan Greenspan has Asian flu- Wall Street loses lunch. Monica Lewinsky is going to testify- investors stain pants. Chicago Cubs make the playoffs- Market skyrockets due to unfounded belief anything is possible.

My point is, if all was right with the world Monica Lewisnky would marry Kato Kaelin because... they should. Look at all the things they have in common - they both became famous because of someone else, they both used to live in Brentwood, he knows someone who killed their wife, she knows someone whose wife would like to kill her husband. But if Monica doesn't married Kato, if you don't get the whole pie it doesn't mean things are going to Hell in a handbasket. It just means you can't have your whole pie and eat it too, without having a post sugar-fit crash as well.