January 18, 2018
If you think Disney is evil...
Last week the Texas Board of Education decided they could not, in good conscience, continue to own stock in Disney because they are certain Disney is an instrument of the Devil. Perhaps I exaggerate the Devil part but they said Disney has and will again put out filth and vulgar material and allows homosexuals to cavort at their theme parks. Once again, I am not sure filth, vulgar material and cavort are the exact words used but the point is they sold their 45 million dollars worth of Disney stock because they didn't like that scene in the basement from Pulp Fiction. Alright, I lied. I am not sure it was the scene in the basement, although I am sure if they saw that scene in the basement from Pulp Fiction they would have burned their stock in Disney at the stake. To tell you the truth I got creeped out by that scene in the basement from Pulp Fiction.

But the only thing that would make me sell my stock in Disney is a 1000% rise in the price of Disney stock. Other than that, if you're in the stock market to make money, hang on to your Disney stock. Certainly, you can make moral stock decisions. If there was a start up offering for a company that produced re-prints of Hitler's artwork called "Visions of our beloved Fuehurer(sic)," I could see passing on that IPO. Even if you love Hitler's way with a landscape you know the people selling it are'a certain type' and might not want to put money in their pocket.

But Disney?!!! How many smiling faces do you have to see getting off Mr. Toad's Wild Ride before you know Disney is not an Evil Empire? Yes, Disney owns Miramax and Miramax distributed Pulp Fiction, a movie the Apostles might walk out on but every company does something that you won't agree with. Whichever record company allows that Celine Dion to come down here and make a mockery of our American Awards programs should be ashamed of themselves in my mind but I wouldn't sell their stock if it was performing well. The record company would have to have evil intent and not just be stupid, for me to want to sell.

Yet, I guess if the Texas Board of Education is morally outraged by what Disney has done, and for religious reasons wants to sell their stock, then I say go ahead. In fact, I suggest all good Christians sell their Disney stock. If you all sell at the same time Disney's stock will plummet, at which point, I will take a loan from the Vatican bank and buy every share of Disney I can at low, low prices. And investors all over the world will say "God Bless you Texas Board of Education."