January 18, 2018
Rick's mid-life crisis
A friend of mine just had a mid-life crisis. He's married to a wonderful woman. They have two terrific kids. He's making a lot of money writing movies and he calls me up and says "I don't feel like I exist anymore. I don't feel in the moment." Well that's the ultimate American luxury isn't it? If you're real successful you can take time to be miserable. National Geographic couldn't find even one village in South America where there's a 45 year old guy that won't come out of the hut because he doesn't feel in the moment.

These people don't have time to be depressed. There's no mid-life crisis tribal guy moping around saying "What's the point of going on? I'll never be the chief. I'm always going to be just another guy with a spear. I'm just another guy with a big wooden disk in his lip." That guy doesn't have time to be depressed because everyday he has to climb a 400 ft. tree and kill a wombat with a sharp stick. I'm not sure if anybody really eats wombats or if you kill them with sticks or if they live in trees but my point is the Republicans are holding up the progress of the country for selfish political gain. Excuse me, that's another point. This point is that we have become big babies. Life is never perfect.

Sure there are disappointments. I've never going to pitch for the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. I'm never going to see the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. But I won't go hungry if I don't climb a tree and kill a wombat. So how disappointing can life be? I'm not quite middle-aged yet but if I ever feel like I'm "not in the moment" please poke me with a sharp stick.