January 19, 2018
How can they make money on the Internet?
Have you ever talked to someone who can actually explain how companies makes money from the Internet? I'm not talking about the triple-X-rated web-sites. I understand how they make a living. Horny-computer-able guys, pay good money to access "live nude-models hot-sex" sites whose visual quality is similar to looking at a porno tape through cloudy binoculars.

As long as we are talking about it, how erotic is cyber-sex? Phone sex I get. But there's no talking in Cyber-sex... it's typing. How can typing be sexy? Isn't typing normally associated with work while talking is something you do when you take a break from work? Typing is not fun and slow. Telegraph sex would be quicker. Da da da daa da, da da da daaa da. "Ooohhhh...."

But my question is, how can these tech company stocks that deal with the Internet be so sky high if nobody can explain how they make money? If I don't trust live-in-the-flesh car salesmen would I ever buy a car from a faceless, nameless web-site with a 14.4 modem? I certainly don't read the tiny little ads that are kind-of-legible on these web-sites.

I love the fact these stocks are going nuts because I've invested in these companies but I'm scared because... I've invested in these companies. And I don't think they can make any money. The only thing that really seems to work on the Internet is people passing around stories, like the one about the fire fighters in the mountains who came across a dead scuba diver. He was dressed in a wet suit, flippers, tank, regulator, the whole bit. Apparently he had been scuba diving near the surface, minding his own business, when one of those super-scooper airplanes swooped down, gulped him up and flew him, kicking and screaming I am sure, up into the mountains and deposited him and the water he was swimming in, onto the forest fire he helped put out.

I have received an e-mail about that story from a number of people and then a later e-mail from super-sleuths who have proved that the scuba-diver in the forest fire story is nothing more than an urban myth/Cyber-hoax. How all these tech companies can make money off that is beyond me, but I am willing to listen to any reasonable explanation.