January 18, 2018
Kidney thieves are back in the news
A friend of mine is making a career out of debunking urban myths, especially those that whiz around the Internet. He has dis-proven the scuba diver dumped into a forest fire by a super-scooper airplane story, he has found no credible evidence of a gerbil ever having had an intimate union with a famous actor or anyone else for that matter and most recently he proved no kidney has ever been stolen from an unwilling donor and sold on the black market.

But the best rumors never die and so the kidney thieves story is spreading around the country once again. If you've never heard about the serial kidney crooks, in short, guys in bars in Manhattan are approached by two drop dead gorgeous, to-die-for, stunning, all-time fabulous babes, oozing animal lust and within seconds he's convinced they want to do a three-some. Before leaving the bar the femme fatales slip a mickey in his drink and he wakes up a week later in a hospital, barely alive... minus a kidney, which will soon be sold on New York's vital-organs black market.

When I first heard this story a few years ago I thought, wow, that's a rough town. Forget about pick pockets. Forget about not wearing your Rolex in the subway. In New York, people are after your guts.

Then I thought, what kind of person would steal your kidney? A guy who knows where your kidney is and someone who wants to buy it, apparently. But when you start to think about it, there is a lot of tissue/blood type matching that has to go on and I am sure, when asked where they got the kidney from, suppliers of vital organs can't just say "Oh... somewhere." So while this may be a fun, scary urban legend... in the end, it makes no sense.

But what does this say about us, our society, our culture that people believe there are kidney thieves? That capitalism works...that's what it says. The fact that this kidney thieves story has taken on a life of its own shows that the American entrepreneurial spirit soars unabated, that we as a people see economic opportunity everywhere in the land of the free and the home of the brave enough to try something new. Sure there are the nay-sayers who claim you can't make a decent living selling kidneys you have stolen from unsuspecting tourists. But the vast majority of Americans are not capable of being that negative- they have the can-do spirit that has made this country great, that keeps our economy expanding and keeps this totally groundless and illogical story about kidney thieves alive and well.