January 19, 2018
You all do it so quit pointing fingers
President Clinton took in illegal campaign funds and should be impeached. The stench around Clinton is so putrid we should swear in Al Gore as President as soon as possible. And then of course we have to impeach Gore because he campaigned with the same funds that Clinton did so he stinks and has to be booted out too. The next person in line of succession to the President is Newt Gingrich. Well, if Clinton and Gore have stink on them there's not enough soap in the world to get the smell off Gingrich so you'll never hear the words, "I, Newt Gingrich, solemnly swear..."

Next in line of succession is the President Pro Tempore of the Senate. I don't know who that is specifically but I know he's a Senator, he's a Republican and he campaigned with the same money that Gingrich campaigned with so he's out too. Which makes Secretary of State, Madeliene Albright the President of the United States. But she very likely was at meetings or coffees where illegal campaign funds were discussed or raised so the first woman President of the United States has to be booted out as soon as she is sworn in.

In fact there aren't many Democrats or Republicans that didn't benefit from illegal campaign funds and therefore, after we impeach the President and the 16 people behind him in the line of succession, the next President of the United States will be... Ross Perot. Yes, because Perot campaigned with his own money, that little floppy eared psycho is the only candidate left standing. Obviously we can't do something as suicidal as putting Ross the nutcase into the White House so instead of punishing everybody in Washington why don't we just fix the campaign financing laws and leave it at that?

But if we can't fix campaign finance laws or reduce the cost of running for President, how bad is it that people spend money to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom? A long as these people don't demand the President change foreign policy or claim that cigarettes are as addictive as milk, where's the harm? The Lincoln bedroom wasn't even built until the Truman administration so it's not a sacred shrine. In fact, if it would reduce the influence of big corporate money in Presidential campaigns I wouldn't mind them turning the Rose Garden into an R.V. park.