January 18, 2018
Keep toenail fungus off my T.V.
Television has gotten disgusting. Some people are upset by the overt sexuality of prime time shows. Others by the non-stop focus on violence. I am disgusted by that commercial for toenail fungus. Have you seen that?

The other night my wife and I were eating dinner, watching the national news and this commercial comes on and says "thousands of people suffer from thick, yellow, brittle toenails due to toenail fungus". I couldn't believe what I was hearing. First of all, feet are disgusting anyway but is there a more nauseating image than thick, yellow, brittle toenails... during dinner? How the hell did that get on my T.V.? I don't want that disgusting imagery in my house.

And then I got to thinking, how much of a problem is this toenail fungus? Can there be so many people with toenail fungus that they have to advertise during the national news? I go to the beach. I go to places where people wear sandals. And I'm telling you, if lots of people had yucky toenails I'd know about it because I can't help but notice stuff like that. I'd notice and not go to the beach anymore if lots of people had those thick, yellow, brittle, toenails.

And if you have crummy toenails, please don't think that I am saying you yourself are disgusting or gross or that you have less value as a person. All I am saying is I don't want pictures of your toenails or drawings of them or references made to them on my T.V. while I am eating.

I hope you get treatment for your problem toenails but I just wish you and the rest of those afflicted with this eyesore of a disease could hear about this new product through a direct mail campaign or... just somewhere else other than my T.V. during dinner. I'm still having a hard time swallowing anything that's crunchy.