January 19, 2018
Gun Control and the Wizard of Oz
Those opposed to gun control claim restrictions violate their constitutional rights and represent further encroachment by a federal government that is out of control. But we've had gun control for most of this century without any such problems. For example, we've never been able to hunt squirrels with a bazooka. (Nor would you want to if your intention was to eat the squirrel.) Yet there are vicious squirrel killers who, to satisfy their blood lust, would blow apart the fuzzy little nut gatherers with field artillery if it were legal.

Obviously, allowing a handful of lunatics to launch rocket grenades at quick, tiny, moving targets would be dangerous to society at large-- thus it's against the law. The government has always denied individuals the right to have a tank or a Gatling gun or a howitzer for that reason. The kind of gun control we so desperately need now is the kind that keeps automatic weapons out of the hands of grade, junior and senior high school kids, drop outs, disgruntled post office employees, religious fanatics and all the generic nut-jobs who mean to harm the innocent. Is there any reason a 6th grader needs an Uzi? Wouldn't a single shot .22 be enough for that angry youngster?

Because this is the reality-- without restrictions on automatic weapons, every kid that got turned down for a date to the prom, every underachieving civil servant who got passed over for a promotion, every psycho you ever pissed off can get a street-sweeper death- spewing fountain of lead/hell weapon if they want one. Recently, a spokesman for the National Rifle Association insisted that, "If we allow the government to control what type of guns we can have they will then be able to tell us that you can't build a house with ten bedrooms, if that's what you want to do."

I don't know if the NRA is aware of this or not but the government does tell people what size house they can build. They are called zoning laws you gaggle of goofs.

And what kind of analogy is that anyway? Houses don't kill people. Unless you're the Wicked Witch of the East, then they do. When Dorothy and Toto and the house they flew in on, landed on the Wicked Witch of the East, it killed her. This in turn pissed off the Wicked Witch of the West, who thankfully could not buy an automatic weapon due to the strict gun control laws in that movie. Can you imagine how many Munchkins the Wicked Witch of the West could have wasted had she had an Uzi instead of a broom? There wouldn't have been the journey to Oz or the Cowardly Lion or those evil flying monkeys. Were it not for strict gun control laws, instead of being a great feature film the Wizard of Oz would have been just an interesting short subject.

The government doesn't allow us to do all kinds of things and one of the most important things the government shouldn't allow anybody to do is kills lots of people at one time.